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Star wars lego level 5

star wars lego level 5

Here. Take the bar with 3 blocks in it and put it on the bottom. Put the bar with 2 blocks and a metal thing on top of it. Now take the other bar with 2 blocks and put. You need to use one of the bombs on it, but if you are refering to one of the LEGO type ones, you are meant to get the bomb round them. Clarification Request:: Read a FAQ? Nobody is going to post an entire walkthrough for a level in here. You'll either have to be more specific or just check out the. PC Playstation Xbox Nintendo Mobile Retro. Verhandlungen 2 Level 2: Put one of the 3 section pieces on bottom: Then move to the left through the small narrow edge. Select Han Solo or Rey and destroy the rotating mechanism which you previously constructed. star wars lego level 5

Star wars lego level 5 Video

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Lvl 5 / Maz's Castle STORY - HTG Im nächsten Raum müsst ihr über Plattformen immer weiter nach oben und nach rechts springen. Question Status How do I get past level 4?? The required steps are described below, and, as always, the transparent studs will lead you to www games kostenlos de destination. PCPS3XBoxWiiNDSiPhone Publisher: Years Super Smash Bros. PCPS3XBoxWiiNDSiPhone Publisher: My nephew is only seven though so I don't know if thats something you want to do. Take the object and move it to the central mechanism in which you must place it. Switch to Finn, and talk to the red alien. How do I get to the Lego City level? Seite 5 Level 5: Now you must hit 10 targets in less than 45 seconds. IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes. How do I get past level 4?? Jump to another forum: Use the first group to build a permanent socket for BB-8 in the middle of the room. You must allow Rey reaching the upper left platform. Jedi-Schlacht 9 Level 4: Once inside the next room, there are two sealed doors on the left and right.

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Each time a statue faces you, jump on the green button in front of it. Select BB-8 again and activate the mechanism on which he is standing. Jump up onto the next ledge and push the pull the switch that dispenses a block. How to quickly gather studs? Walk towards the end of the main room of the castle and listen about problems at the bar.

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Beneath the cobweb is a silver wall. Gefangen in der Wolkenstadt. Beliebte Tipps zu Lego Star Wars - Saga Lego Star Wars - Saga - Lösung kurz Lego Star Wars - Saga - Lösung Behälter Lego Star Wars - Saga - Lösung Lego Star Wars - Saga - Cheats Lego Star Wars - Saga - Minikits Lego Star Wars - Saga - Cheats Lego Star Wars - Saga - Fundorte der Powersteine Lego Star Wars - Saga - Extras Lego Star Wars - Saga - Cheats Lego Star Wars - Saga - Kurztipps. Only Rey can use it. How To Defeat Pokemon GO Raid Boss Snorlax. Macht das drei Mal und Darth Maul flüchtet. Entdeckung auf Kamino 7 Level 2: Flucht von der Echo-Basis 19 Level 3: Das Ende der Jedi. Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps. As a large character, walk up to the broken wall and smash it. Using the device you built, lift Rey up until she can swing to the next pole. Use the grapple and you will land on the platform you just raised.


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