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Best tower in btd5

best tower in btd5

I figured I would post here what I view as being the top 5 best towers for Hard/ Impoppable mode, as some new players truly struggle with these. In your opinion, what's the best tower? their FAVORITE towers, but honestly, there really is no such thing as a " best " tower in BTD5 games.:). Viral Frost keeps bloons out of the range of your Ice Tower so your towers don't Summon Whirlwind, RoD and Glue Hose are some of the best upgrades in the. best tower in btd5 The Summon Phoenix and Tempest Tornado upgrades are great too! Honestly, I do agree. A max temple takes down 5 seconds of ZOMGs way faster than its components. And sorry, i didnt know you had a thread exactly like this one. Keep in mind that there is a tower that allows you to lock their attacks. It also increases the Monkey Village's range. Easily the best towers in the game unlimited range by the way. Sprockets is a far better choice for Monkey Engineers. Also dead cheap compared to others. Super Range Tacks or Extra Range Bombs or Pineapple Present. I would like an explanation for this, because I don't know why you think Blade Shooter is the third-worst upgrade in the game unless you tell me. This tower, however, takes the cake. Leads onto Banana Investments advisory, is more space efficient than path one upgrades and is better than two Banana Plantations. Online kochspiele Rules and Guidelines. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it. Super Monkey - The super monkey is the best tower if all the towers were put in a magic drop, but it is very expensive and needs to be used correctly to be good which is why it is only 3. I often don't use it because it keeps me busy as well and it isn't effective until you later upgrade it. Last edited by L7vanmatre ; 7 Sep, 6: How is it bad, aside from his pretty large price tag? So heres how it works. The apache airship is just insane! Definitely the best camo defense, way better than the ninja tower. A cannon ship is basically required for the shipwreck. Can't glue MOABS even with MIB. Ray of Doom beacause A.

Best tower in btd5 Video

BTD5 - Deflation HIGHEST ROUND EVER! This should definitely be 1. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Useful in later rounds. The whirlwind is also amazing too! L7vanmatre View Profile View Posts.


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